All of your health and medical information - in one secure location with PHR Plus

  • Allergies


    Allergies can be life threatening, you want your medical providers to know about any allergies before starting care.

  • Medications


    Everyone should keep an accurate medication list. PHR Plus makes it easy to keep your current medications accessible.

  • Medical Conditions

    Medical Conditions

    With PHR Plus you can have peace of mind because you’ll have all of your medical conditions and history in one place.

  • Immunizations


    Forget about keeping immunization records in a notebook. Lose the hassle and keep immunization records with PHR Plus.

  • Surgeries


    All of your past surgeries are stored in PHR Plus. Never forget a past procedure again.

  • Medical Documents

    Medical Documents

    Keeping your living will, advanced directive, & other important documents organized is easy with PHR plus.

With our easy to use software you can keep track of all of this information and so much more.

Managing Your Family’s Health Information Just Got Easier with PHR Plus

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Your Medical Information Available Wherever You Are

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of Americans take prescription medications daily.

of medical errors are due to communication breakdowns.

of seniors cannot identify their own prescription medications.

of fatal medical errors are due to medication interactions.

Take Your Medical Information Wherever You Go With The PHR Plus Smart Card


Don’t be a statistic

With the PHR Plus Smart Card you can have all of your medical information portable and accessible. You can easily share your lifesaving information with anyone you choose.

We’re Dedicated To Providing the Best Personal Health Record


secure-66x66 Secure Medical Information

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your medical information is secure. We’ve built our software using the highest standards of data security. Our solution is HIPAA compliant and is hosted on a HITRUST Certified platform, that’s the highest standard in healthcare information. You can rest easy knowing your private information is secure using PHR Plus.

accurate-66x66 Accurate Medical Information

You can have confidence knowing PHR Plus is the most accurate personal health record on the market. Using our Premium Software you can synchronize all of your health and medical information. Your medical information from patient portals and data from at home health and medical devices will all be in one account- PHR Plus.

portable-66x66 Portable Medical Information

You’re always on the go, that’s why we designed PHR Plus so your lifesaving information can be portable. You can use our iOS and Android apps to keep your medical information with you. You can also buy a PHR Plus Smart Card to keep your medical information portable and accessible.

sharable-66x66 Shareable Medical Information

Easily share your health and medical information with whomever YOU choose. You can invite shared access to your profile with loved ones and medical providers to collaborate. You can print off your records from PHR Plus to be more prepared for appointments. With the PHR Plus Smart Card your medical providers can view your information by scanning the QR code, RFID, or using your unique URL with pin number. Most importantly YOU decide who to share your information with.

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  • Patient Portal Synchronization

    Patient Portal Synchronization

    Sync up all of your patient portals to your PHR Plus account. Automatically get YOUR data into your PHR Plus account.

  • Fitness Device Synchronization

    Fitness Device Synchronization

    Your important health data from almost any device and fitness app can sync to your PHR Plus account when you upgrade to Premium.

  • Medical Device Synchronization

    Medical Device Synchronization

    Your data from at home blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters and more can sync to your PHR Plus account.

  • Body-Weight Synchronization

    Body-Weight Synchronization

    Connect a smart body weight scale like Withings, iHealth, or Fitbit to PHR Plus account and start seeing results.

  • Health Device Marketplace

    Health Device Marketplace

    Activity Trackers, Smart Body Weight Scales, Blood Pressure Cuffs, Glucometers. Fitbit, iHealth, Withings, Jawbone 20-40% off retail.

  • Nutrition Recommendations

    Nutrition Recommendations

    Get customized nutrition recommendations based on your medical conditions and wellness goals.

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  • “When a patient comes into my office with a good understanding of their own medical history, you just see this empowerment in spirit, in their faces, and in the way they talk. It makes for a much more beneficial doctor – patient relationship when I know the patient understands their medical history.”
    Dr.-Jim-Sears-1 Dr. Jim Sears , Pediatrition and co-host of The Doctors
  • "PHR’s help everyone especially parents, seniors, parents, and people managing chronic conditions. It’s high time we manage our own health. Take the power of personal health information into your own hands.”
    John-Walsh John Walsh , Human rights activist and host of America’s Most Wanted
  • “You need to be the CEO of your own health, you need to be the one person that knows more about your health than anyone else. As an ER doc I say, always have it with you, if you’re on vacation and you end up in the ER, to be able to share your health record with your doctor can save your life.”
    Dr.-Travis-Stork Dr. Travis Stork , Emergency department doctor and co-host of The Doctors