There’s a disconnect in healthcare

Without PHR Plus patient’s health and medical information is stored in disparate systems. They have no way of easily consolidating their medical information, let alone getting value out of their data or sharing it when needed. And medical providers don’t always have access to accurate health information at the point of care. This disconnect leads to poor quality of care and can lead to medical errors.

PHR Plus has developed our software so patients can connect all of their health and medical information in one secure platform. Anyone using PHR Plus can connect to their care team and share their accurate personal health record. This solution saves lives – reduces medical errors, and empowers patients with accurate, portable, shareable medical information.

“Patients don’t just die of heart plaques and bacteria, they can also die from communication breakdowns and medication errors. System level problems are almost ubiquitous in healthcare.”
Dr.-Martin-Makary Dr. Martin Makay,Surgeon at Johns Hopkins

Connecting patients and medical providers improves outcomes


accurate-66x66 Mission

At PHR Plus it’s our mission to reduce medical errors and to save lives. We do this by empowering patients with all of their health and medical information using our accurate, portable, and shareable personal health record.

vision Vision

Our vision at PHR Plus is to disrupt how personal health information is exchanged between patients and their health systems, thus empowering individuals and improving outcomes. Our solution connects the disparate systems within healthcare IT providing value to our customers and stakeholders in the healthcare community.

values1 Values

PHR Plus was founded to make a difference, and our values make this possible. We value innovation, compassion, integrity, and security. We love what we do and we are passionate about making healthcare better.

our-promise Our Promise

We strive to always do what’s right, not just when it’s convient but all of the time. We promise that our software is the most secure in the industry. We promise to keep providing value to our customers and stakeholders. And we promise to never stop innovating, becuase healthcare always needs innovation.

Meet Our Team

  • Kyle3
    Kyle Anderson Founder | CEO
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  • Mark3
    Mark Conner Co-Founder | Sr VP Strategy
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  • Michael
    Michael O’Connor Chief Technology Officer
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  • Gary
    Gary Rurup Chief Revenue Officer
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  • Karen3-1
    Karen Cummings Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Liz2-2
    Liz Mason Chief Financial Officer
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  • Tracy3-3
    Tracy Bullock Advisor / Sales
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  • John
    John Loewen, M.D. Advisor / Medical
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  • Garland-1
    Garland Brown, J.D. Advisor / Legal Counsel
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  • Burke5
    Burke Mitchell Advisor / Marketing
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