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  • Patient Portal Synchronization

    Patient Portal Synchronization

    Sync up all of your patient portals to your PHR Plus account. Automatically get YOUR data into your PHR Plus account.

  • Fitness Device Synchronization

    Fitness Device Synchronization

    Your important health data from almost any device and fitness app can sync to your PHR Plus account when you upgrade to Premium.

  • Medical Device Synchronization

    Medical Device Synchronization

    Your data from at home blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters and more can sync to your PHR Plus account.

  • Body-Weight Synchronization

    Body-Weight Synchronization

    Connect a smart body weight scale like Withings, iHealth, or Fitbit to PHR Plus account and start seeing results.

  • Health Device Marketplace

    Health Device Marketplace

    Activity Trackers, Smart Body Weight Scales, Blood Pressure Cuffs, Glucometers. Fitbit, iHealth, Withings, Jawbone 20-40% off retail.

  • Nutrition Recommendations

    Nutrition Recommendations

    Get customized nutrition recommendations based on your medical conditions and wellness goals.

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By consolidating all of your medical information and health devices, you’ll see great benefits


care-coordination Care Coordination

Using PHR Plus you can invite medical providers and loved ones access to your profile. You can assign a family member, loved one, or caretaker to be the administrator of your profile- to manage your account or to collaborate. Everyone on your care team will have accurate information and be on the same page, now that’s coordinated care.

disease-management Disease Management

When you’re struggling with chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or CHF it can be very challenging. You have to take frequent readings, multiple medications, and you may be seeing several specialists. With PHR Plus you can manage your data from blood pressure monitors, glucometers, SpO2 sensors, and body weight scales. You can keep accurate medication lists, and you can easily manage all of this information from one place.

Healthy-Living Healthy Living

Your trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and we’ve developed PHR Plus to encourage that. Using our Premium Software you can sync activity trackers, body weight scales, at home medical devices, and other fitness apps. You can purchase these devices from the Marketplace, and you’ll even get nutrition recommendations. Be the healthiest you with PHR Plus.

custom-insights Custom Insights

You’re a unique person, and your health and wellness is unique too. With PHR Plus you’ll get unique tips, recommendations and health insights that are catered just for you. These custom insights are tailored based on your specific health conditions and your wellness goals.

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  • “Putting smartphones and biometric health-monitoring devices in the hands of patients empowered them to take better control of their health.”
    Gigi-Sorenson Gigi Sorenson R.N., Northern Arizona Healthcare's Director of Telehealth Services
  • “It dawned on me that I need to get my own PHR organized. I have my personal health information, I’m empowered, are you?” "
    Dr.-Jim-Sears-1 Dr. Jim Sears, Pediatrition and co-host of The Doctors