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PHR Plus was founded to make an impact in healthcare and disrupt how personal health information is transferred between patients and providers. Our mission is to save lives by empowering patients with an accurate, portable, shareable personal health record. PHR Plus is accurate using PHR Plus Connect, connecting patients to their digitally available medical data. PHR Plus is portable using the PHR Plus mobile apps and PHR Plus Smart Card. And anyone using PHR Plus can share their records with anyone they choose. They can share their information by having their PHR Plus Smart Card scanned, share their unique URL with PIN, they can print their records from the app, they can email their records to a new provider, and they can allow shared access/remote monitoring to any medical provider or family member they choose. Our solution ensures that anywhere a patient goes they can keep their crucial medical information. This solution breaks down the silos of medical data, consolidates the data for a patient, and enables care providers access to a comprehensive yet concise view of their patient’s medical history.

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  • Why PHR Plus is so important

    Kyle Anderson is the founder of PHR Plus, he started this company to prevent medical errors like his grandma experienced. When Kyle was growing up he spent a lot of time with his Grandma Evelyn. She was a very vibrant and strong 83 year old that was proud of her independence. Evelyn had a known penicillin allergy, but when she went to see a new medical provider he prescribed her a medication that had penicillin. This made Evelyn very sick, it put her in the hospital and eventually led to her passing away. Evelyn had lived a long and fulfilling life, but she was taken too soon and this medication error left a void in the family’s life.

    Years later Kyle had finished his bachelor’s degree, had run two successful business’s but still had a passion for medicine. He went to work as a medical scribe in an emergency department to gain medical experience. While working in the emergency department he found that so many patients had similar stories to his grandma Evelyn. Very frequently patients of all ages didn’t know their medical history, medication lists, allergies or other crucial information. This led to added stress for the patient, longer wait times, unnecessary tests, and even complications. That’s when it struck Kyle that his mission in life was to empower patients and help solve this problem of preventable medical errors. He founded PHR Plus to connect patients to all of their lifesaving medical information, and to connect patients to their care team.

  • Mission, Vision, Values

    Mission: At PHR Plus it’s our mission to reduce medical errors and to save lives. We do this by empowering patients with all of their health and medical information using our accurate, portable, and shareable personal health record.
    Vision: Our vision at PHR Plus is to disrupt how personal health information is exchanged between patients and their medical providers, thus empowering individuals and improving outcomes. Our solution connects the disparate systems within healthcare IT providing value to our customers and stakeholders in the healthcare community.
    Values: PHR Plus was founded to make a difference, our values make this possible. We value innovation, compassion, integrity, and security. We love what we do and we are passionate about making healthcare better.
    Our Promise: We strive to always do what’s right, not just when it’s convenient but all of the time. We promise that our software is the most secure in the industry. We promise to keep providing value to our customers and stakeholders. And we promise to never stop innovating, because healthcare always needs innovation.

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  • Executive Team

    Kyle Anderson: Founder & CEO Bio Picture

    Mark Conner: Co-founder & Sr. VP of Strategy Bio Picture

    Michael O’Connor: CTO Bio Picture

    Dr. Matthew Anderson: Medical Director Bio Picture

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    Liz Mason: CFO Bio Picture

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  • Fact Sheet about connected health and remote patient monitoring

  • Markets we serve

    Individuals: Any individual can register for a PHR Plus account for themselves. Our Basic package is a free version of PHR Plus that does not sync with patient portals or home medical/fitness devices. Our Premium package is our flagship software that synchronizes with over 60% of the patient portals in the U.S. and can sync data from most home medical/fitness devices.
    Medical Providers: PHR Plus is launching a remote monitoring platforming and are partnering with health systems in 2016 to release this initiative. Using the PHR Plus Medical Provider Portal members of the care team can view high level aggregated data from patients’ home monitoring devices, and they can to drill down to view specific data based on a condition, treatment plan, or for an individual patient. Medical providers can get alerts if a patient’s biometrics are out of range and they can send messages/instructions. Northern Arizona Healthcare has decreased readmission rates by 44% and nuber of days hospitalized by 64% by utilizing remote monitoring and engaging with patients between office visits. See Fact Sheet
    Payers: PHR Plus is partnering health health insurance payers to provide their members with an accurate, portable, shareable personal health record. By equipping members with a PHR Plus account and having an accurate medication list and accurate medical history payers reduce medical errors and unnecessary testing. Each medical error reduced is an average savings of $11,000. See Fact Sheet

  • FAQ's

    How do I know the medical information and device data in my profile are safe?

    PHR Plus is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your infomation. We follow the HIPAA Security Rule framework, which is among the most stringent in the industry.
    How do I sync my medical information from my patient portal to PHR Plus?

    When you have PHR Plus Premium your medical information from patient portals can automatically sync into your PHR Plus account. To get your medical information to sync into PHR Plus click the button “Connect Medical Data” from the Profile Summary page. You will be prompted to search for your hospital or clinic. After finding your hospital or clinic, you will need to select it from the list. After selecting your clinic you will be asked to provide your login information for the patient portal associated to that facility. Once you’ve successfully entered the username and password your medical information will sync into PHR Plus.
    How do I sync my data from at home medical devices, fitness devices, and health apps into my PHR Plus account?

    When you have PHR Plus Premium your health information from devices and apps can automatically sync into your PHR Plus account. To get your health information to sync into PHR Plus click the button “Connect Device/App” from the Dashboard page. You will be prompted to select your device manufacturer from the list. After finding your device manufacturer, you will need to select it from the list. After selecting you will be asked to provide your login information for that particular website/app associated. Once you’ve successfully entered the username and password your health information will sync into PHR Plus.
    If I don’t have PHR Plus Premium how do I get my medical information into my PHR Plus account?

    When you upgrade to PHR Plus Premium your medical information can automatically sync into your PHR Plus account from patient portals. If you haven’t upgraded to Premium all medical infomation is user entered. You can add, edit, and delete any of your own medical information to manage your records in one easy account. And you can invite a loved one, caretaker, or medical provider to collaborate on your PHR Plus account.
    Who can see the medical information and device data in my PHR Plus profile?

    Your profile is protected with a username and password, passwords are encrypted and not stored in plain text. To protect the security of your information, you should not give your username or password to anyone. You can provide shared access to your account and share your information with someone else. You can also keep your important medical information portable and accessible usin the PHR Plus products, using PHR Plus you are always in control of who gets to see your health and medical information.
    How do I share my profile with medical providers, loved ones, or caretakers?
    By selecting the “Share” button in the Profile Summary screen or by going to your profile settings, you may choose to give another PHR Plus user access to your profile, such as a family member or medical provider. To authorize someone else to have access to your profile, go to Profile Summary – Share – INVITE??. You can remove a person’s access by going to Settings – Access Priveleges.
    You also may email your information to your medical provider, or anyone else you choose, by using the Share button on the Profile Summary screen. That person will receive a temporary link to use a pin and view your information. The link will expire within 48 hours, and the person will no longer have access to your information after that (unless they have downloaded or printed it).
    For on-the-go access, you may allow medical providers (such as EMTs, nurses, etc.) to access your information by scanning your PHR Plus product, if you have one. The product has a QR code, RFID chip, and a URL with a unique ID/PIN that leads to your medical information when it is scanned. Only people who have physical access to your product from a proximity of less than 6 inches, and your authorization, can scan the QR code, RFID chip, or use your unique URL with ID/PIN.
    Can I “lock” the sensitive information in my profile?
    Yes. You may “lock” information that you do not want shared through the scanning and emailing functions. To “lock” your sensitive information you simply have to select the “lock” icon next to the field you want locked. When information is locked, it can be unlocked later.
    Locked information is not available when your PHR Plus product with QR code, RFID chip, or URL are access. You may choose whether to share locked information when you email information to a recipient through the Share function. Using the Share function you may grant a recipient access to your entire PHR Plus profile, custom privileges, and can choose if they have access to locked information.
    Does my information from the PHR Plus website sync to the PHR Plus mobile app?

    Yes, any information you enter into the website will also sync to your PHR Plus mobile app. Also, any information you enter into your PHR Plus app will sync to the website. Mobile apps coming soon!

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